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If we have questions we may need to contact you. Your information will only be used to contact you regarding this and future projects.

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2 Project Details
Please provide us with any thoughts and/or ideas you have about the service you would like to request from us. This can be a list of requirements or goals, a wish list, or simply questions that you may have. Basically
, anything you feel that may contribute to your projects success.

You can also attach examples in digital format. Send zipped files preferred.



3 Site Outline (website services only)
A necessary factor in creating an estimate is the outline. What sections would you like to offer to your customers on the website? Some very standard ones to start you off are. ( Home | Products | Services | About | Contact)

If you are unsure of the sections you would like just leave this section blank and one of our staff will contact you to assist you with this.


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4 Examples (websites services only)
Please provide samples of what sites most represent the style that you are shooting for. We also need to know who your competitors are. This helps us tailor the prototypes to your preferences and give you a competitive edge over the competition.


Site Example #1
Example: (
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5 Desired Features
Provide a list of desired features or enhancements in detail if possible, along with a site or sites with similar features.


6 Other Services Needed Later
Even if you only need a website right now, in the future you may want to consider doing business cards or adding a shopping cart. Before you rule that wish list out of your budget let us know everything you would like to do. In most cases asset can be reused and tasks made more efficient when projects are grouped together.


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Graphic Design
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Logo Design
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Packaging Design
Photo Editing / Restoration
Product Photos
Print (Advertising/flyers/brochures)
Search Engine Optimization
Web Design
Website Hosting


7 Project Budget Range
Knowing your budget is valuable in planning for other optional needs that can greatly affect the overal success and sustainability of goals here. Based on your budget we will offer advice on different strategies for approaching this project so you can make an informed decision about how best to invest your budget dollars.
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