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Flash is a great tool! Though some people have negative feelings about flash it is still one of the best tools out there to deliver dynamic content at the smallest file sizes. We have been working with Flash since shortly after it hit the market. Over the years we have gained significant experience in maximizing the usability and functionality flash when used in tandem with traditional HTML and other programming languages. Our priority is to make a site that is both easy to use and appropriate to the context of the site. We'll be the first to admit that Flash has some serious considerations when it comes to developing an entire site with it but is a very powerful and flexible tool that when used correctly, can provide many advantages.

Below are some of the features and possible uses Flash Design offers:


  • Brand awareness
  • Increase user interactivity
  • Enhancing customer experience
  • To present complex concepts
  • Provide advanced functionality
  • Inexpensive method to bring sound and animation to your promo materials
  • More advanced than Power Point presentations to highlight product features
  • Can be used on a website or a CD Business Card or Laptop
  • Provides a more interesting experience for the web site visitors
  • Full motion and movement of all text, logos and animated characters
  • Professionally Recorded Voice-overs if needed
  • Fully optimized for fast download speed
  • Unlimited range of sound effects
  • Background music may be included
  • May include photos or drawings
  • 3D effect can be added to letters and words

Potential Uses:

  • To make interactive games and exercises
  • To promote specific products or services
  • As an introduction at the beginning of a website
  • To use as a commercial at the beginning of a CD Business Card
  • To run on a laptop during tradeshows and conventions

    The right combination of creative ideas, unique artwork and words is required in order to produce an effective Flash Design. There are many web designers out there that do not consider the usability and functionality issues when creating a Flash Design. Our team of Flash Designers will incorporate all the necessary elements required in order to ensure your Flash Design is successful.